Help Our Youth be Successful…

Because of your donations, after school and summer programs help keep kids safe.

It’s never too late to become a monthly donor…

Your donation will help students achieve more!

Your donation will help feed children!

Your donation will provide tutoring!

Your donation will provide activities and enrichment to youth, children and parents!

Your donation will help at-risk youth stay out of trouble!


Help children & youth be successful…

Press the blue button below…


Funds will help at-risk youth receive tutoring, build self esteem, learn time management, decision making skills, college awareness, career development, substance abuse prevention education, anger management, conflict management, enrichment and more.

This donation will keep one child off the street!

This donation will help a youth say no to drugs!

Thank you for planting the seed!!



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  1. Administrator says:

    Every dollar counts!!!!!!

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